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In Memorium - Robert "Bob" Marshall



In Memory of Robert (Bob) Marshall

Bob had entered my life when I was in my early twenties and searching for the truth. By then I had pursued self directed investigations into geometry relating to both ancient wisdom and modern science while concurrently dealing with the loss of my mother a few years ago while was a junior in high school.


 I had first found out about Bob through Jack Garvey who worked at East West Journal in Boston. I had met Jack at a new age book store in Boston and first viewed Bobs "Syncgrographs" and the "Auric Key" with Jack who offered me an explanation about these intriguing graphic representations of number patterns, copies of which Bob had lent him. So before I even met Bob there was an aura about him.

When I had met Bob there was a resounding level of enthusiasm surrounding his work along with a clearly un-orthodox approach and methods. While he demonstrated a lofty intellect and had practical mechanical and self taught engineering experience his personal side had left an impression as well.

He had mentioned to me he was living in a constant state of pain from a previous back injury and had resorted to various pain killers, some prescribed by doctors some self medication. So there was a painful undercurrent with Bob which in retrospect I largely chose to ignore at the time and can see better in hind site.

Bob was eager to disseminate his work to others pursuing related work and I was working with him during his correspondence with John Michelle and Buckminster Fuller having made important contributions here. As well Bob had shown me the opening words by the Publisher of Omni Magazine concerning a “single key however elusive…”

Essentially Bob believed he found the Key sought after by the publisher of Omni Magazine!


So it was off to New York City for Omni magazine with Bob. With wide eyes and a child like enthusiasm hopeful we would have an article we had been working on over a year, published at a major science magazine. We drove in my 1961 ragtop VW Beetle (my first car) down I-95. It turns out the publisher of Omni Magazine is none other than the publisher of Penthouse magazine, Bob Guccione. So as Bob and I had entered the main lobby it was the lobby of Pent House magazine which also housed Omni Magazine.


We were a bit scruffy and entering into a rather posh upscale environment. Bob was never one to spiff himself up and when he tried on this occasion he looked like some one who normally does not spiff up who tried his best anyways. As for me I probably was not much better and don’t quite remember




The receptionist was sufficiently endowed and insufficiently clad as to make me forget while I was there in the first place. To compound matters we were lead down a series of major extended corridors each lined with large poster sized pin ups of miss January, February, March, April… 12 months in all over several years.  Aha 12, the second “Omnit” omni-divisible by the consecutive numbers 2, 3 and 4 along with 6. Clearly synchronicity is at work here!!


As we were lead down the halls Bob the seasoned, worldly polymath had a steel eyed singular focus on the mission at hand. Me I was the quintessential adolescent male responding aptly to the visual stimuli by tripping on my middle leg which had swollen to epoch proportions, swallowing what otherwise would have been drool, trying to get my blood back into my brain where it would be more useful during the important interview with the science editor.


The interview went well. Bob and I both contributing to the presentation of the graphs and heuristics. No article materialized from this memorable journey although a few weeks later I was pleased to receive a follow up phone call from the editor we had met. With reference to the Auric Key and Synchrographic presentation we made he asked me: “How far are we getting into the mystical?” Being a science editor he was obviously concerned that our material might be beyond the known boundaries of science.


This question really says much about Bob. He was able to embrace the mystical while having a firm grip on mathematical and scientific concepts on a structural level as evidenced by his structural graphs and numeric tables. He saw how numbers were the key to higher knowledge in the spirit of Pythagoras. I believe his Auric Key graph is a structural representation of Synchronicity itself and Bob was able to freely move from the scientific to Mystical making it apparent to me there are no borders between the two.


Clearly he was in tune to Jungian concepts and the outright occult and he would reminisce on some of his drug induced journeys although by the time I had had known Bob his psychedelic days were over. Bob lived humbly. When I visited him out in the Mendecino, Fort Bragg California area he lived in a trailer at an old hippie compound called the Val Pawek ranch. While Bob could embrace scientific invention and gadgetry,

Material things as such were secondary to his ongoing investigations into what he ultimately termed: “Numeronomy”.


Like many creative people he sought recognition and had a great perseverance although there were times when he would be quite opinionated ironically despite his open mindedness to many things. He was not warm and fuzzy to be around and sometimes could get gruff. In retrospect he seemed somewhat steered by his intellect although on occasions when I least expected it he would warm up and show a sense of humor.


He was a teacher and once he saw my interest in his work was genuine he would go to great lengths to teach me. We would acquire colored paper, drafting equipment and Bob showed me how to generate many of the Sychrographs he had been developing making new versions together. This was before computer graphics were wide spread so “cut and paste” meant “cut and paste.”


When I heard the news of Bob's passing it led to both reflection and thanks for my experience with him.


Bless his "sole."




Russell Kramer




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