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SYNDEX: Conclusion




Singularity to Spherical Unity
Experimental Syntax of Numeronomic Concern
Total Retrocity
Comments on the Definition of Notational Plurality
The Banishment of Ambiguity




"Symmetry also exists in number theory, which concerns itself with the properties of numbers.  This symmetry is violated or hidden from us, by certain habits of thought; only a small number of people, whose minds work somewhat differently, can see this symmetry."

                                                                        Joe P. Buhler
                                                                        Science 85, Nov.

My personal contemplation of the sequential behavior of number actually began around 1957 when I engaged myself in a translation of the biaxial Mendeleyef. Table of Elements.  I spiralled them in a paraphrasing which elucidated a number of very interesting coincidences regarding the positions of the inert gases, active metals,        etc.

Many coincidences jumped out as valid synchronicities.  I began to view and think of this compound spiralic complex of identificational events as the spectrum of atomic stability modulations which exuded a totally rational series of major interrelationships.  The game was afoot...

At the time, Glenn Seaborg, then Chancellor at Berkeley University was engaged in the cyclotronic extrapolation of the transuranium elements and the half life of these quasi-elements was approaching a brevity that suggested a mechanical problem with identifying the "new artifacts" before they vanished back down to the preceeding identity.  The number of the current (at that time) element being in the neighborhood of #108, which coincidentally was, according to Paramahansa Yogananda the ancient Hindu number of the Universe:             OM.

At this point in my path or trajectory toward oblivion, I am 68 years dead.  I view some of my struggles to elucidate these findings as rather naive.  But it was all very instrumental in the development of physiomathematical insights that are totally valid and will, without doubt, produce a noticable impact on the future of valid scholasticism in the various branches of scientific inquiry and opinion.

The words science, truth, and reality have their source in number/geometry/arithmatic and mathematics.  Number/geometry, (which includes two fundamental ambidirectional operations of arithmatic: addition as reverse subtraction and no multipying without dividing), is the solitary source of industrial civilization via applied mathematics.

It has been most surprising to me how little is realized about the intrinsic nature of the base ten continuum of number by the modern physicists who use these tools with incredible results.  Yet its commonly known that any tools can be used with success even though very little can be properly understood by the actual mechanic.

The line of demarcation that separates number/geometry and the fundamental operations of arithmatic from mathematics is not such a clear cut set of distinctions.  To solve this problem for the sake of syntax and semantics I have found it mandatory to produce a legitimate label for the very core of the descriptive mechanism of language.

A graphic platform by which an ideal form of syntax can exhibit self-replicatory, or self-referential characteristics.  Although based on what may be regarded as self-evident ideas, the very act of producing a legitimate title of self-description has proved to be a function of enhancing simplicity and also produces the no so clear cources of paradox and ambiguity that plague conventional syntax with confusion of an otherwise unclear source.

My graphic platform for all fundamental descriptive functions is the TRIAXIAL RETROGRADE INTERFACE, and since the term is most aptly to be repeated in various ways, I have abbreviated it as T.R.I.

The importance and significance of the quan/qual alphanumeric graphic scenario is beyond most of us, but lies in the realm of Fuller's "physiomathematical epistemography."

The present document removes the most serious glitch in the behavior of human mentality even though it remained undetected for the past 6000 years: the enigma of the sacred number seven, and distribution of prime numbers.

I can make this seemingly presumptuous statement with total confidence because number cannot lie.  Truth cannot exist in any other arena than nature herself.  I can and will be misunderstood by many, but I shall never be disproven by anything other than faulty logic and various authorities who depend on the erroneous assumption of their most admired peers.

Paradox, ambiguity, and chaos do not exist in any reality.  There are diverse forms of reality (perception and conception come in a variety of flavors).  They are produced by the mismanagement of the logic produced by the systematic geonumeric production of mathematical proof.

First you need an absolutely perfect alphanumeric system of signs predicated on a perfectly symmetrical and harmonious retrograde octave circular unity that is totally immune to the wiley and clever entrance of erroneous ideas that are usually spawned by the greed of human ego and self -aggrandizing motivation, i.e. wealth, recognition and power.

Fame, wealth, and longevity make up the formula for war in the name of some local representative of some higher cosmic power.  This is only possible because we think with words.  If the format of our syntax is in any mathematical error, our thinking is in error.  The formula for an ideal syntax has been available since prehistory, but the various forms of ego hunger have with clever intention, sabatogued the right inheritance of the human mind--clear, rational thought.

The legend of the Tower of Babel -- the confusion of the tongues -- is not a myth.  It is real.

The Syndex initiative is the proposition to remove the cause of human ignorance.  To take a serious look at the ways that politicians and religious leaders are consciously seducing the minds of children with precepts, concepts and consequently perceptions and conceptions that threaten to destroy all living things.

The technology to do exactly this is now in place and only awaits some psychotic "authority" to push the button.

Utopia or oblivion are the options of the spirit, whose only guide is the truth invested in the numbers and forms that dictate the words with which we think.

It is time we become familiar with the source of our very imagination.  Or is our imagination the product of some source beyond anything that we can even imagine?

On some matters, words are impotent puffs of wind or meaningless swiggles of ink on paper.  Nothing more.  On other matters they are tools of miraculous transfiguration and the mechanic skilled in their utility can change the world, or even the cosmos, or at least our perception of it.

The most frustrating situation in the world is to see something with crystal clear vision and not have the combination of terms to share that picture with somebody else.  One problem is that when we emerge from diverse sources, it is difficult to rendezvous in a similar complex situation in order to compare our totally unrelated illusions?  Why doesn't some big chain outlet merchandise synchronicity on a roll like scotch tape?

As much as I can, or may, I try to make a letter into a word, a word into a sentence, a sentence into a paragraph, a paragraph into a page, a page into a chapter and a chapter into a book and book into a library.

But my favorite aim is to make a page into a book and I do this by what I call graphic syntax, which I don't try to explain.

With circles, squares, triangles, numbers, and arrows (pronounced Eros, but spelled with the Greek letter phi [Eros], I make my pagebooks to maximize information and minimize notational componentry.

I do not have a picture in my head of an ideal member of my audience.  My audience is me.  I write only to satisfy my sense of being, and also to have at least one valid critic who is myselfishness.

Since I deal only with numbers, I cannot lie.  Maybe I make a few mistakes, but by being human I'm entitled to do that with immunity.  Most considerate readers enjoy being intelligent enough to find mistakes in things good enough to be published.

However, it is number that acts as the judge of all logical proof or Truth, and without the concept of plurality there would be no science or system which is the real source of all that which we call valid or true.  Take away number and its other side which we call geometry and science and descriptive language disappears and we are left drinking water out of a ditch and growling at each other whenever we don't get the biggest share of the available nutrients.

Number/geometry is my subject--not mathematics!  The two ambidirectional operations of arithmatic are the tools and math is what happens when we manipulate these primary tools.  This distinction between the tools and the product of their utility is a most primary concern, so try to make a special note of that.

I indulge in intentially calculated redundancy.  I think of this strategem as taking a 360 stroll around the artifact under consideration instead of viewing the object from one perspective and expecting the viewer to be in the same orientation as myself.

This is partially due to my lack of faith in dictionarity, much of which has resulted since I've concluded that the computer has virtually become the judge of which words to include and exclude.

The whole concept of lexiconography is in need of revision, but this is not possible until semantics itself can finds its proper scientific niche with a solid basis in a scientifically systematized format which  is based in ideal syntax.

The T.R.I. with the six vowels and six interdependent facets of description is only a step in the process of enhancing the true relationship of quantity and quality.  The Holotomic Sequence is the magic crystal that produces the valid logic of the prehistoric source of 360 degree circular unity, upon which rests the metrology of our current universal industrial culture.

My source of etymological and epistomological insight was due to a collection of dictionaries lost to fire in Idaho in 1964.  One was prewebster before English had 26 letters.

My number interests began when I noticed Paramahansa Yogananda mentioned that #108 was the Hindu number of the Universe:           OM.  I decided to do a radial version of the Mendeleyef  biaxial display, and needing a limit for my array I coined a term "Infusorium."  When many correspondences and synchronicities emerged, I assumed the ancient Hindus were onto something very modern in terms of number technology.

My initial attempts were somewhat naive, but now we have the T.R.I. which is the tool box.  Number/geometry and the two fundamental ambidirectional operations of arithmatic are the contents of this box.  We draw a line between the tools and the work performed: a rational and operable context in place of an unorganized regard for words that can change meaning through the context in which they are used.

The intrinsic nature of the number continuum has been progressively forgotten in that once we learned how to use these tools, there was not much use in understanding their fundamental nature.  This does not necessarily mean that this ancient knowledge is of no present use.  Time changes everything.

But this is not my concern.  I am a numeronomist, not a mathematician.



The number one, (even though one is not a number) function of universe is retrocity.

There are three interactive axes of retrocity to be exact.  These three ambidirectional axes cross each other in the center of our conscios regard for that which exists in front of us, behind us, to our right, to our left, and above and below us.

A fourth element of retrocity also seems to exist, but  not in an axial sense.  It is actually a synthesis of the other three.  We will call this the inward and outward which are such perfect reflections of the three basic retrocities that the micro and macro universe are actually transverbal identities of such nature that no one can really know which is which.

Though there doesn't seem to be any way to prove it, the macro is the micro and visa versa.  Three basic axes of retrocity cross the centrum of the fourth synthestic retrocity in such a way that what we refer to as universe is actually a four dimensional ambisymmetriverse.  Everything is the actual reversal of what it appears to be.  I call this the theory of total retrocity.

This theory does away with the absurdity of the Big Bang, and accomodates a comprehensive idea of total time reversal inasmuch as you are required to ignore some specific direction in order to observe its opposite.

There are rare cases of people who have the ability to remember bits of the future.  Just like it is possible for most of us to forget bits of the past.

So far I have worked out the logical mechanics of total retrocity in the realm of number.  Since number is the fundamental platform of the alphnumeric system of linguistic notation, it is only a matter of turning myself wrong side out in order to clarify my vision of total retrocity to those who are totally incapable of looking in all directions simultaneously without getting dizzy.

The source of absurdity, ambiguity, and chaos can be found in the process of descriptional mechanisms that begin in the idea of retrocity.  One is not a number, but an instance of singularity, and singularity is not reversible.

Two on the other hand, is the first instance of plurality and being composed of a pair of singularities can be regarded as a duality which gives rise to the idea  which in turn permits the concept of a dualism of identity.  It therefore creates a context for the notion of retrocity.

The major source of terms in any dictionary is names and their antenyms, up and down, hot and cold, ambitious and lazy, i.e. most of descriptive language is polar, which accounts for the importance of number two as a primary idea.  Whether two is actually a prime number has been a fundamental issue that is the height and depth of abstraction.  It is totally uncontemplatable.

Number three has the important distinction of being able to represent a plane.  The ideal form is a triangle.  It may be said that a triangle is a qualitative representation of the quantitative number three.

In a similar sense, four has the distinction of being able to represent a geometrical volume, the ideal form being a tetrahedron.  In this case it may be said that a tetrahedron is a qualitative representation of the quantitative number four.

This preamble is to bring notice that only six of the base digits can represent three-dimensional spatial figures, i.e. six quantitative signs that possess the qualitative features of space occupying entities.  The majority of problems that number theorists have had in synchronizing number and form (geometry) has been due to the issues here pointed out.

Part of the reason that six is the first perfect number is because only six of the base numbers deal with volume space.

Number twelve is the first ideal synchronicity of quantity and quality because the dodecahedron is 12 spheres all kissing a thirteenth nucleus sphere.  It is a plural synchronicity of quality and quantity.

We start by realizing that the descriptive mechanism of language has a serious flaw, because in nature a paradox just does not happen.  Ambiguity and paradox result from ignoring at least one half of the three ambidirectional axes of spatial description.

In regards to the behavior of the number train this can produce confusion regarding positive and negative numbers, sperarated by a zero null event and the exemplary 99 octave cycle whose nave is 49.5.

Retrocity is the word that involves all three ambidirectional idea events that encompass the minimal parameter of the descriptive mechanism of human synfusion.

I can never think of myself as imparting information alien to my listener.  You either already understand what I'm saying, or else you don't, in which case more words and pictures will only confuse matters wose.  This is because of a very simple and fundamental error in accepted syntax.  The T.R.I. is the physiogeonumeric picture of the semantic substructure to which we refer all quantitative and qualitative scenarios presented to us by the anonymous wonder we call Nature.

This is a book about an ancient knowledge of number and geometry that has not been recalled by educational institutions for over 6,000 years.  It is primarily a document of pictures, called Synchrographs that reveal important rational aspects of numerical behaviors which concern cyclations and reversals in graphic methodology.  They are impossible to recognize without such innovative epistomographic disciplines, such as this resurrection of ancient knowledge.

Number/geometry helps us think about complex systems.  Quantitative notation is the initial spark that transforms our brainscape into a problem manipulating mechanism.  This ultimately transfigures both the way we show the world to our inner self, and also transforms the mechanisms by which we understand why such an inner self should even be.

If any singular notion should be raised to priominence as fundamental to all thought functions, it is the idea of retrocity.  This idea is initiated within the context of number two, which stands as the first actual number and consists of true plurality in that singularity is duplicated or folded in half, making one half the same yet different.  Both sides share the opposite being of each other as a unity.  Duality or twoness is dependent on the idea of retrocity.

Or, it can be said that retrocity is prequantitative.  No speculations can be considered appropriate to the analysis of plural notation unless retrocity is recognized as a necessary element of the context of description.  Any description of quantitative notation that ignores the function of retrocity in any one of its three basic modes is doomed to ambiguity or paradox.  It is on this note that we predicate a comprehensive description of quantitative/qualitative epistomography.

Our kindergarden (or Eden) experience cannot forewarn us of the hair-splitting, semantic loop holes in the fundamental ideas that have gone into the formation of the alphanumeric principles of  "thinking with words," on which our view of the cosmos initially depends.

In the complex and long-winded philosophic overviews of formal logic, much has been occulted of the supersimplistic nature of human communication on its most concrete level.  This is especially true due to terms of such elevated levels of abstraction that all actual meaning is totally non-existent, yet we place such terms in the very positions critical to syntactic function.

To the Anglophonic mind, the word God is synonymous with number, not because the Tetragrammaton is a cosmic quartet, but because God discovered the word in six days and the word was with God, and  the number of his creation was six...

Other words, like infinity, instantaniety, eternity, etc. have no other meaning than that which we impress by virtue of some indistinct function of the imagination.

Discrete levels of finitude in an octave loop of four progressively additive and four subtractively negative event octaves with a ninth null event can be said with a 3-dimensional picture on a 2-dimensional surface.  All we need do is keep in mind the fact that the map is a shadow of a purely imaginary scene composed of data.  It contains no true information of any kind.  All perceptions are filtered through the sensory and mental processes, and are therefore second-hand to any "objective reality."

The SYNDEX initiative strives to eliminate the non-essential and problem-creating terminological habits of the presemantic world.   If, in fact, prediluvial beings informed the Sumerians with a twenty one letter alphabet, (six of which were vowels), they no doubt had some terminological equivalent of the sacred words semantics, the knowledge of an ideal syntax.  Syntax requires that the meaning behind syntax is the function of semantics as an operation of physiomathematical insight.

Talking or writing about words is a self-reflexive closed loop in itself.  A true tool must be able to remove itself from the job it must perform.  This lesson was required in order to investigate the relationships existing between number and geometry which can only occur inasmuch as one cannot exist independent of the other.

Arthur Young's REFLEXIVE UNIVERSE constitutes an exercise in double talk, which is useful because it touches a chord in the most rational mentalities.  His next work, CYCLOREFLEXIVE UNIVERSE, does not alter the theme of his thought but merely shifts its point of equilibrium.  This is the result of the synchrographic perspective which merely adds definition to a picture that is already correct, but fuzzy to minds that contain "tastes" where "flavors" ought to be.

Many modern authors dance in, around and about the Auric Key.  They come close to its essence but do not penetrate its grand essence, which can only be alluded to by invading the sanctity of static dictionarity.  With all its historical changes, the dictionary with its multitude of translations and interpretations is by no means a process that is about to crystallize into an eternal repository of all proper and legitimate thinking.

The alphanumeric/epistomographic gesture being a process cannot deal with a perfection that exceeds the human dream until the deepest dream can loose itself from the shackles of qualified plurality.

Two great books of the Old Testament are the Book of Numbers and Deuteronomy.  To follow these through the Hebrew, Greek and Latin translations and into the modern Anglo discloses an unbroken series of numerical ratios both in terms of Gematria and general Numeronomy that are totally independent of  interpretation.  This matter is the meaning of the genii which is singular of genius who is everyone else.  With that exemplary wave, we are about to ride to a clarified vision of destiny on the bright horizon of mystical exactitude.

Epistomographic syntax is the ideal beginning for transcendental vision, but many strange and forgotten scenarios preceded even that.

So, never lose sight of retrocity in any one of its three fundamental situations.  We can follow it back to the source.

The source of my animosity is the neglect of retrocity.  To really get a-head, you get the monster by the tail and never ever turn loose for any reason whatsoever.  For the monster will take you to a place where no one has ever been for a time beyond measure.  It is like the serpent Ourobouros which devours its own tail, eternally recycling itself.

Dictionary definitions show us the deficiencies within our thinking.  I am shocked at not finding the word retrocity in any polylingual lexicons.  Even the definition of the word retrograde is insufficient: going or moving backwards, apparently moving from east to west as a planet; BECOMING LESS HIGHLY ORGANIZED; to go backwards.  As if it were an entropic, not syntropic concept!

To prove the point, J.S. Bach's Retrograde Fugue, or Crab Canon is, in fact, an example of a higher form of symmetry where the second half of the overall score is a perfect reversal of the primary half.

This is the definitive meaning of the term symmetry, where the structure or form of morphological unity represents a perfect mirror reflection of either/both of its two sides.  Symmetry is ambiretrocity, pure and simple.  The term retrocity is a most vital concept in the Syndex analysis of number behavior.  The reverse nature of the number continuum has been totally neglected in the classical regard for the baseten continuum of quantitative notation.

The fact that palindromic numbers occur at seemingly chaotic intervals would seem to prompt an investigation of the possibility of their transpalindromic counterpart but so far as I have been able to deduce, no one else has pursued this proposition.

The TWELVE SYNDEX GLYPHS identify the ambidirectional character of any individual numerical signature.  They are totally necessary in the exploration of number behavior.  We cannot describe the true nature of the numerical continuum without the systematic mechanism of ambidirectional distinctions made manifest by this or some similar graphic proceedure.

Even though an infinite progression of quantitative identities exist, as far as we wish to pursue distinctions, we have in the Holotomes twelve transfinite classes of number.  They permit a wholly rational sequence of interactive moduals of finite and therefore rational behaviors.  They permit the physiomathematical syntax that is not possible without an interdependent range of finite levels of arithmatic congruency not available to an open-ended series of quatitative labelled plural identifications.

Discrete levels of finitude within other discrete levels of finitude is exactly what is occuring with the addition of each subsequent addition of integericity.  With the recognition of the twelvefold nature of numerical classification, we abandon the absurdity of the infinite continuum of number, which leads us nowhere.

We opt in favor of a totally structured continuity of circular unities that interact in a rational epistomography that involves the essential arithmatic that distinguishes quantity, quality and the whole range of operations that we refer to as mathematics.

The primes do in fact occur in a totally rational order which is of such an elegant and rational distribution that it makes one wonder why it went unnoticed for millennia.

Each of the major sacred or holy books contains the key to this ancient enigma, but so far as I can ascertain, I am the only dividual to successfully interpret the crucial information to find the embedded pattern.  The major key to the orderly distribution of prime numbers is revealed in the distinction between palindromic and transpalindromic number.

Unless one can add, subtract, multiply, and divide with total ambidexterity, he has no right to deem himself a number cruncher.  But, an excellent  numeronomist can say with St. John, "Here is wisdom, let him who has understanding count the number of the beast."  Maybe historians deduce it to mean Nero Caesar, but for our purposes it is the beast which bites its own tail--the number continuum.

It is a contectual field of number, whereas two 3-digit palindromes synchronize with a pair of two 4-digit transpalindromes.  The number 666 is the accumulative sum of the first thirty six numbers added together and number 36 is the square of the first perfect number, in that 1 + 2 + 3 = six and 1 x 2 x 3 = six.  That this writ transpired on the twelfth day of the second month at seven o'clock is not to be ignored in the scheme of numeronomy.

Once:                                           666
Twice:                                        1332
Half:                                          +333

Reverse of twice:                      2331


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